4 Non-Medicinal Ways You Can Fight Pain

When you’re suffering from pain, it’s easy to think you can rely on the nearest bottle of paracetamol to ease your discomfort. Over the counter pain relief is the go-to solution for many of us when we’re suffering from a headache, or from niggling joint pain. And for more serious types of pain, you might be used to taking prescription pain relief, such as codeine, to ease symptoms.

But there are other ways you can fight pain. Those who haven’t been introduced to alternative methods of pain relief might scoff at less conventional techniques. But in some cases there are some ways you can relief feelings of pain without turning to medicine. So, without further ado, here are four paths you can take to pain relief which don’t require tablets:


If you’re suffering from muscle or joint pain, physiotherapy may be able to help. So, for those dull aches and niggling injuries, speak to your doctor, and see if they can refer you to a physio specialist for help.


Although it may not look like much fun having needles inserted into various regions of the body, studies have shown that acupuncture can have a positive effect on reducing levels of pain. Whether it’s muscular pain related to an injury, or chronic pain related to a long term illness, if you want to find a way to help relieve pain without the need for medicinal treatment, this ancient remedy might be worth looking into.


It’s tempting to assume that exercise will only make pain worse and that you should stay as inactive as possible until your pain goes away. But this doesn’t always help. For many types of pain, doctors suggest staying active where possible, so that your body can maintain a certain level of resilience. Research has shown that those who undertake a programme of light exercise are more likely to be less susceptible to feelings of chronic pain.


Watching what you eat can exponentially reduce feelings of discomfort. A healthy balanced diet is better for your circulation, and certain vitamins and minerals found in fish and vegetables are essential for bone and muscle strength, making pain and injury less likely for those who maintain healthy levels of these. So if you want to keep pain at bay, make sure you’re putting the right stuff in your shopping basket.