4 Reasons Why Sex is Good for Your Health

There are a number of emotional and sensational benefits to having sex, as we all know. But what many people don’t realise is that sex is an important, vital part of any healthy relationship. Those couples who aren’t having sex can sometimes experience increased tension in their relationship – so it’s important, if you and your partner aren’t having sex and you think this is having a negative effect on your relationship, to address the issue as soon as possible.

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As well as helping to make your relationship more enjoyable, sex can also improve your health too. Here are just four health benefits to leading a safe, active sex life with your partner:


It Burns Calories

Some experts have posited that an orgasm can burn up to 300 calories. And when you take into account the foreplay portion of sex too, that’s a fair amount of fat you’re burning. So if you want to reduce your waistline, sex can help.

It Improves Muscle Strength

Sex can also improve your core strength, as well as your overall fitness and stamina. For an increased workout, try doing it in different positions, and being adventurous with your partner. Doing it standing up can improve leg strength for him, while letting her drive by going on top can provide a good cardiovascular exercise for her.


It Can Lift Your Mood

Many studies have linked the release of chemicals in the body which can help you feel good, with the practice of sex. So if you’re looking to be in a better mood, sex might just be the medicine you need.


It Relieves Tension

One thing which a lack of sex can lead to is increased tension. If you and your partner are arguing a lot, sexual frustration, although it may not seem like the direct cause, can contribute to a rising sense of strain in your relationship. Talking about sex, and obviously having it, can help to relieve these feelings, and sometimes even help you and your partner to put minor differences into perspective. It’s called make-up sex for a reason!