4 Things You Should NEVER Do on a First Date

When it comes to first dates, there’s no universally agreed correct way of doing things. We all get into relationships under different circumstances, and with different factors affecting our pasts, so how you go about dating and what you expect is very much an individual topic. However, it’s a given that in any first date situation, there are definitely some things which you should never do. Most of us will have been on a date that didn’t turn out so well, or may even have been an outright disaster, due to one or more of the following taking place.

So, without further ado, here are four things which you should always avoid doing on a first date:


Eat Too Much

You might be enjoying your meal together and getting carried away with the conversation, or discussion might be on the slow side and you’re eating to cover the silence. In any event, it’s important to remember not to eat too much. Gorging yourself on food on a first date isn’t going to make you look like the most attractive person in the world.


Drink Too Much

Similarly, you might be a brilliantly witty and charming individual when you’ve had a couple of wines. But again, it’s important not to overindulge. You may just end up saying or doing something you don’t mean, and then the phone call for a second date may never come as a result.


Be Presumptuous

Sex on a first date isn’t a common occurrence obviously, but you should never go into any date fully expecting it to happen. If you aren’t that familiar with your dating partner just yet, it’s probably not a great idea to go into detail about your sexual habits, or to give them up an update on the buying sildenafil online situation. At least not yet anyway.


Let the Other Person Pay

It’s a tough one. Generally, it’s accepted that the gentleman will pay the restaurant bill on a first date. But you shouldn’t fight the issue if the other person wants to pay half the bill. It’s a nice gesture to foot the bill on a first date, but if it becomes awkward or a protracted issue, the gesture may be lost. So just try to read the situation and be as gracious as possible when it comes to settled the cheque.