4 Ways You Can Cope Better With Hangover Pain

We’ve all done it. Been for a few leisurely drinks with friends, ended up overdoing it, and wound up feeling rough the morning after. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, and sometimes even stomach pain – these are the classic hallmarks of a hangover, and there are few feelings worse than knowing that your pain is self-inflicted.

Despite what your friends might tell you or whichever random cocktails they insist on knocking up for you, there is no magic cure for hangovers. The only way you can get over them is to ride them out.

You might be tempted to reach for the pain relief or even order naproxen from a online UK pharmacy if your hangover is really bad, but in all truth, medication isn’t going to improve this sort of situation. Your hangover will normally pass within a few hours, so it’s important not to let it take over your day while you recover.

Here are four ways you can deal with your hangover better:


Get Out of Bed

It’s tempting to stay in bed and refuse to face the world when you’re recovering from the night before, but this isn’t going to make your path to normality any smoother or quicker. The sooner you get yourself vertical, the better you’ll feel.


Get Some Fresh Air

You’d be surprised how good for you a good dose of fresh air is, particularly after a heavy night out. So instead of staying in cooped up on the couch al day and moping, get dressed, and go for a walk, or to the shops. This will help to clear the cobwebs and you’ll almost certainly feel more human again afterwards.


Eat a Good Meal

If that alcohol is still swilling around inside you, it’s vital to soak it up with some food. When it comes to hangovers, a decent, old-fashioned home-cooked roast is great – although you might not be up to making it yourself! Bread is good at soaking up alcohol, so if you want to eat something a little easier to prepare, try making yourself a hearty sandwich with some thick crusty bread.


Drink Some Vitamin C

Fruit might be the furthest thing from your mind when suffering with hangover pain, but vitamin C can help to fight discomfort you might be experiencing, and get you back on track. Try having a glass of fruit juice with your breakfast, or a few slices of orange.