Legislative changes controlled drugs

Update Tramadol – 16/06/2014: Now Processing Orders. Our system is back up and running. If you have place orders that have been “status cancelled – void” you will be required to place new orders.

Tramadol-12/06/2014: The supply of Tramadol shall be up and running shortly. Sorry for inconvenience we may have caused.

Delivery From 10 June 2014, Tramadol will be a Schedule 3 controlled substance. This means that prescriptions for any medicine containing Tramadol will require a physical signature. Please Allow 3 – 5 Days when placing orders for Tramadol medication.

We will therefore be making changes so that our services remain in compliance with the new laws. The products Tramadol 50mg, Tramadol Drops, Zamadol, Tramacet, Zydol and Mabron will all be affected by these new guidelines.

Prescription, Preparation and Delivery

As prescriptions for Tramadol will require additional time to process, we will not be able to offer it to patients on a next-day delivery […]

How We Use Your Data

Additional ID checks

ID check will be for all CD or POM orders.

What happens if the ID check fail.

We use Equifax who are the custodians of data in the UK, there system is 99% accurate. If a ID fails, we send a email status called Failed ID. We give the customer a opportunity to log into their account and change the details such as the DOB incase it was a typo. If after 3 days the patient does not respond, we will cancel the order and black list the person, they will not be able to make another purchase on our systems unless we have a explanation why the ID was entered incorrectly.

Please read through the page on how we use your data. You can visit this page by following this link.