Eat to Beat Pain

We all cope with pain in different ways. While some of us will more readily seek help from our doctor if we’re experiencing pain, and be more receptive to buying codeine from an online pharmacy; others among us might not be so eager to ask for help. We might feel tempted to try and ride the pain out without resorting to medicinal help.

There are various techniques you can employ to help reduce feelings of pain, such as by making a few lifestyle tweaks here and there. Going out and getting some light exercise can reduce your susceptibility to chronic pain, while eating the right kind of diet can pay dividends too.

With that in mind, here are just a handful of ways you can adjust your eating habits to make your body more resistant to pain, and to make feelings of discomfort less likely:


Cut Down on Saturated Fats

It’s simple really. The healthier you eat, the lighter you are, and the less strain you put your muscles through. Saturated fats play a big role in making people put on weight, but they can also clog up your arteries, and make it harder for blood to circulate. The less oxygen there is getting to your muscles, the more likely you are to feel pain. So if you want to feel less pain, try to keep your intake of these within reasonable limits.


Drink Plenty of Fluids

Ever wondered why your kidneys might be hurting, or why you might be more prone to headaches than other people? Probably because you aren’t getting enough water. The recommended daily amount of water is eight glasses per day, which isn’t an impossible amount. But consistently making sure you reach this level will help to ensure you stay free of pain related to dehydration.


Get Your Vitamins

You’ll regularly hear healthy eating specialists and dieticians talk about the importance of vitamins, and for good reason. They’re vital for the well-being of our organs, but they also contribute to healthy bone and muscle strength too. Stronger bones and muscles mean – that’s right – less feelings of pain. So take a look at your diet, and make sure you’re getting enough.


Fish is Your Friend

Omega-3 fatty acids are another good ally in the fight against pain, as they can help you to maintain good bone structure, but also have anti-inflammatory qualities. You’ll find these are abundant in oily fish such as salmon.