Guys Out Looking For Romance? How Not to Do It In 4 Easy Steps

Guys Out Looking For Romance? How Not to Do It In 4 Easy Steps

It’s something which most singletons will spend their evening weekends trying to do: find romance. And you can say that you don’t go out intending to find it, or that you’re happy just to go out and see what happens; but for many people, if the opportunity presents itself, you’ll be inclined to go for it.
Some romances start out as mere encounters in a bar or night club, and blossom into fully-fledged matrimony. But many don’t, and for good reason. Often, men get the whole approach wrong, because they either try too hard, or just don’t know what to say.

There is no winning formula to landing a dance partner when you’re in a room full of strangers. But there are definitely some practices you should avoid. Here is our brief guide on how not to act when you’re looking for love out on the town:

Don’t: Dance If You Can’t

If you haven’t got the moves, you haven’t got the moves. There’s no shame in that. So find a little shuffle or moving routine which works for you, and stick with it. Leave the fancy dancing to those who can. There’s a lot of currency in being cool and mysterious.

Don’t: Get Drunk

Have a couple, get loosened up, by all means. But don’t go overboard. The more hammered you are, the less sense you’re going to make when you speak. And the less attractive you’re going to be. Stay within your limits, and remember to pace yourself.


Don’t: Use Chat Up Lines

What do you say when approaching the lady at the other end of the bar? There’s no particular general-use magic phrase which can help you. Just be yourself. Nd whatever you do, don’t use a pick-up line. There’s an outside chance it’ll be taken by her as a sweet ironic joke. But there’s a bigger chance you’ll just look like a chancer who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Don’t: Move Too Fast

Once you’ve initiated a conversation, let it go at a leisurely pace. Don’t try to force the conversation into overly personal areas. She doesn’t want to know about your sex life, and she definitely doesn’t want to know if you’ve got a pack of sildenafil in your pocket. Don’t pry, and keep your personal life personal, until you’re in a proper, established date situation.