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Traveling around the world is something we all dream of doing at some point in our lives, whether it’s while we’re young and looking to discover more about ourselves, or if we’re in our older years and want take some time out from the grind of regular life.

But travelling comes with it’s responsibilities. As well as the extensive preparation you’ll need to do and documentation you’ll need to acquire, there’s the question of looking after your health while you’re abroad too.

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Tropical locations in particular are a hotbed for mosquitoes – and if there’s one thing everyone knows about mosquitoes, it’s that their bite can be very harmful to us. Malaria is an illness transmitted through mosquito bites, which can cause a number of debilitating symptoms, and even be fatal. So, it is essential before travelling to a location where malaria is present to take the correct precautions.

Vaccinations are available for some types of malaria, and you can find out more about these by speaking to your doctor. Antimalarial medications, such as Malarone and Lariam, are also available.  This type of medicine works as a preventative treatment, but it can also be applied in some cases to treat someone who has become infected with the disease.

Here at, we stock a range of malaria treatment which can help your body combat the disease. Check out our products to find out more. Our consultation service is free, and staffed by qualified medical professionals. All of our orders, once approved by a doctor, are dispensed by a UK-based pharmacy and shipped by tracked courier.

There are numerous strains of malaria in several regions in the world, and we advise that you undertake sufficient research into the area which you are travelling to, before committing to a particular type of vaccination or treatment. If you are unsure, speak to your doctor, or to your travel representative.

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